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Airdrop Collector is a revolutionary smart methodology that automates the collection of cryptocurrency for your portfolio. A new service that enables you to lock down high potential cryptocoins during promotional give-away’s!

Use Airdrop Collector now to participate in free airdrops easier and faster. Every month hundreds of new airdrops are introduced. Enable yourself to join in on more airdrops to achieve an increase in the probability of finding the next new hidden cryptocurrency gem.

Stop spending hours of time scanning the market to find new high potential cryptocurrencies or even avoid wasting time on scam projects. Leverage on our expertise to efficiently lock down new airdrops.

Don’t miss out on new cryptocurrency opportunities. Capitalize now before the coins go mainstream!

  • Ripple

    “Imagine joining Ripple’s mailing list as part of promotional coins give-away on May 10th 2013 which was 1,000 free XPR coins, later on January 4th 2018 worth an incredible $3,800.”

  • Ontology

    “Subscribing to Ontology’s newsletter before February 12th in 2018 would result in 1,000 free ONT coins that became worth well over a staggering $10,000 on May 3rd 2018 in just two months time.”

Our Services

Process Automation

Transforming the process into a smart system

Make it easier and faster to participate in free airdrops. Join in on more airdrops to achieve an increase in the probability of finding the next hidden cryptocurrency gem.

Market Insights

Leverage on our expertise to efficiently lock down new airdrops

Airdrop Collector selects each month 20 new interesting airdrops. We scan the market and filter out only the most technological high potential and trustworthy projects.


Step by step support to build your crypto portfolio

Set up a wallet to help keep track on all your coins in one place. Coins grow in value before and after an ICO, making your airdropped amount worth a significant sum of money.


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"I knew about airdrops, but I didn't want to spend time on collecting them. Instead, I bought this service. Doing everything myself manually would be a time consuming exercise. I used to be able to get max 10 airdrops a month but now I increased to 20 a month which helps to build my crypto portfolio."


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"I wanted to participate in as many ICOs as possible. This helps me to get the best available coins out there and improve on my probability to find the next NEOs and Ripples. I already got Ontology and this is why I keep using this service."


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"My friends were making money from crypto's but I wasn't so convinced of the knowledge I could gather to get started. Airdropcollector changed that for me by helping me register for the available ICOs out there. I now have dozens of different crypto coins and was able to capitalize on 1 which paid back multiple time my investment. Really valuable service!"

How Airdrop Collector works

Market Scan

We scan and track daily the current and best upcoming airdrops as well as ICOs. We find the best ones for you by reviewing the airdropped amount, whitepaper, timelines and the business value.

Automated sign-up

Automatic system that without intervention signs up eligible users for the airdrop. It's that convenient.


You will receive emails to verify your registration. Once you confirm upload your wallet address to receive your coins upon issuance.

Bonus Tokens

You can benefit from additional airdrop coins by following the instructions in your email.


Email support available for questions.


Receive more guidance on how to set up a wallet, relevant social media accounts and tips and tricks to further expand your portfolio.



Basic Drop



  • Package size

    Start your coin portfolio with 10 coins a month

  • Basic Support

    Email support available for questions.

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Large Drop



  • Package size

    Start your coin portfolio with 20 coins a month

  • Priority Support

    Get first priority on our available email support

  • Community

    Receive notifications about important events and get access to our exclusive airdrop collector community to meet other members.

  • Guidance

    Receive tips and tricks as well as support on how to set up a wallet and relevant social media accounts.

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